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Let's Face It: Newsletters Are Notoriously Time-Consuming for Agencies and Businesses.

Drawing from my own experience and countless hours spent on newsletters that were difficult to justify financially, I truly understand and empathize with the frustration many feel.

Driven by a mission to solve this problem, I dedicated the last nine months to devising an automated system that encapsulates the key elements of successful newsletters.

Focusing on client retention and referrals, I’ve engineered an efficient solution that allows me to scale to many more clients while successfully fulfilling these exact objectives.

The best part? Once you entrust a client to us, your role becomes effortless post-onboarding; your only task is to collect the monthly payment from your client, my team does the rest.

We invite agencies or freelancers that would like to add additional monthly revenue, without adding any additional work to fill out the form below. Receive information on agency pricing and terms.

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